Anne – 23 January 2011 – The Weekend, Centonove and Growing Fresh Veggies

Dinner Table


Saturday night I dined at Centonove.

This was our table.

Main course was moo-cow cutlet which was crumbed and served with a savoy cabbage and hazelnut salad.  NB: Centonove describe this far more elegantly on their menu 🙂


A plate full of goodness


This was our dessert … Chocolate fondant, cherry cake and cherry ice-cream.

Centonove weren’t calling it “Cherry Cake” but that was the consistency and I’ve forgotten how they described it on the menu.

It was F A B U L O U S!

I can’t rotate the picture so that you can see it the right way.  I really need to learn how to “drive” wordpress!





I finished off with a cup of tea.

Food and service were second to none.

We had a lovely evening there.

Bright Sun-shiny day



This was the view from the car as  I drove along Beach Road down to Hampton today.

I love the simplicity of the tall slender log (yes really the trunk but it just looks like a log) and then the foliage at the top.



The recent sun and rain have both been good for the veggie pot plant garden.  After I took all these photos and realised how many little pots of veggies I have dotted about the place I began to feel like I was a real life version of the “Good Life” … the TV show where they sea-changed in their own back garden.

So here are so pictures of my veggies … not quite at self sufficiency yet but its progressing.

Veggie Patch


This pot has a Zucchini, a Golden Nugget Pumpkin, a Pink Geranium and some white Petunias.

The Zucchini loves this spot, is going gang-busters and is trying to squeeze everything else out.

Baby Zucchini



I’ve been picking the Zukes as babies – mostly still with the flowers on.

A couple of spoons of goats cheese in the flower, a couple of minutes in the pan with a little bit of chicken stock to soften them … and then on to the plate …….. Y U M!

Warning – Sad story coming up.

Red Cabbage



Now this sight just makes me sob!

I planted red cabbages and there are members of the slug kingdom who are labouring under the misapprehension that I planted this tasty delight for them.



Note to Slugs – I did not plant cabbage for you!!!  I really did not plant it for you – it’s for me!

Red cabbage takes ages to grow so I’m really really really not at all happy with this situation.

Spot the Assassin


If you look closely on the leaves you will see the Assassin’s at work.

I pinched ’em all off and put them on the ground with a leaf … and then I felt mean …… But I got over that feeling pretty quickly when I observed how fat and well fed the little b…..ers looked!

Miniature Lemon Tree


I bought this miniature lemon tree about 6 months ago.  It’s very miniature – like not even a foot high!  It had lots of flowers just before Christmas and then tiny little lemons started appearing where the blossom had been.

Then I thought calamity had struck because when the lemons were about 1 cm big they started to turn yellow and drop off the tree.


But I have 3 lemons left on the tree and they’re all growing big …. and I’m hoping they’ll grow to full size and ripen before they fall off the tree!




I planted the beans about 4 weeks ago.  These are french beans which are yellowy / white in colour when they’re mature.  They’re easy to grow and yummy.

There are tons of them appearing on the four plants that I have …. I need to space them out because they’re a bit crowded in their pot.  But I think I may have left that a bit late and they are now destined to be overcrowded!





I also have perpetual spinach growing … this is its second year and its still sending up a great crop.

You need to remember to fertilise it regularly and then it will grow even in winter … although it does grow way more slowly in wintertime.



I’ve also got strawberries growing but I’m at World War Ninety-Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine with the Possums over ownership rights.

I regret to say that the Army of 1 (me) is so far not exactly winning the WAR against the Possums (or the war against the horrible Assassin Slugs).  I tried to conscript my Godson into battle but his parents are yet to deliver him up … Go figure! 🙂

There’s something very satisfying about eating fruit and veg that you’ve grown yourself.  I always feel amazed when I plant one tiny little bean into a pot and from that one little bean I get a plant that yields me many beans …. It’s like a little ordinary yet so very extra-ordinary event!  Or that you plant one little strawberry runner and it turns into a strawberry bush and keeps supplying you, oh not thats right, not me but the Possums, with berries.

I’m planning on trying to grow apple cucumbers next … they always seem to be expensive at the fruit and veg shop so I’m hoping that I can grow them myself.  Although I need to find space to put it …..

I hope you all have a good week.  Feel free to pass on any veggie growing tips … anything else that grows well in pots?  Any tips for how to stop my itty bitty lemons from falling off the tree?








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