Anne – 14 January 2011 – Style

Ladies Night Out ... NYE 31.12.2010

This Saturday morning I met a friend for brunch at Hot Honey in Middle Park (see

I love the staff at Hot Honey – I’ve used it as my “office” away from the “home office” for a long time and they’ve never once kicked me out.  Even when I’ve stayed for three or four hours!

My brunch companion was looking Uber stylish – think pretty summer dress, nice sandals, hair and make up immaculate.

Me, I was very Saturday morning, Oh goodness I have to be somewhere … and had thrown on a fairly ordinary pair of cargoes and a t-shirt.

Dorothy's Shoes

Dont get me all wrong – I was clean and tidy!  But not very stylish.

Did you all out there …. on the internet, also have people who told you, when you were growing up, that it all started with the shoes which have to be spick n span and shiny as all get out?  I did and I didn’t obey that fashion rule yesterday either.

The photo of what I call my “Dorothy, Wizard of Oz shoes” – is clearly from another occasion 🙂

Anyway it made me think about “Style” and personal presentation and how maybe my line of “I don’t iron because its bad for the environment” might have had its day”!

Which would be entirely horrifying – imagine ironing everything one wears!  Once upon a time I did, but then I got retrenched and I got sensible and decided that there were far more important things to do than idle away time at the ironing board.

Housing Style

Maybe if my house looked like this I’d feel I’d have to match it by looking all smart and impressive as well?

Clothes don’t make a difference to the person that you are but I feel more stylish when I’m wearing something nice and I’ve made an effort to look my best.  So I’m wondering why I sometimes let myself walk out the front door in attire that doesn’t stand a cooee of ever making a Best Dressed List.

Not that I’m thinking the good people from the Vanity Fair Best Dressed list are about to come knocking on my door but you know …. I may catch their attention one day!


Millswyn St

I’ve got far nicer clothes in my wardrobe than my cargoes and t-shirts so I’m going to aim to wear them more often!  Even if its “just going out to brunch!”

It’s a funny anomaly –  I think as a general rule everyone makes sure they look “presentable” or a whole lot more than that for work but don’t always make the effort at other times.  Maybe its reflective of how busy life is?

Stylish Transport


Now that I’ve thought about it I’m going to try to give some more thought to how I dress each time I leave the house.

So if you see me trailing through the metropolis looking less than my best you’d better raise your eyebrows and scowl at me!




So two weeks in and there’s one goal for the year … Be as stylish as I can be!



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