Anne – 11 January 2011 – Queensland and an abundance of water


Tonight I watched the extended TV coverage of the floods in Queensland and I’m feeling immense sadness for all those people who are dealing with that situation right now.

It’s awful to hear that people have lost their lives and that the next couple of days may bring even worse flooding to Brisbane.

So Queenslanders tonight I’m thinking of you and I’m hoping you all have the strength and courage and whatever else you need to deal with the cleanup and the devastation that this natural disaster will leave behind.

For me water is a calming force, I find the beach soothing, I love a waterfall.  But tonight it feels like water is a somewhat destructive force.  We’ve had a lack of it for so long and now we’ve just got so much.  We’ve all prayed hard for water for so long to break the drought and now, as wrong as it feels, I think we’re all praying for it to STOP RAINING – PARTICULARLY IN QUEENSLAND!

Take care Queenslanders!


PS: If you’re on Facebook head to “MarketMe” … Nic is posting links to companies who are doing some fundraising things for this disaster.

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