Anne – 8 January 2011 – 1 week into the new year

St Kilda Road, Melbourne ... Near the Arts Centre

It seemed like a good idea to go for a walk … you know – New Year = New Health Kick, until I ventured outside and it was as HOT AS HADES! Which made for a short walk!

The trees on St Kilda Road were looking fantastic. I think recent sunshine and rain must be making them happy.

On, oh, like about 3 million billion percent of the time, I wouldn’t even contemplate the Yarra River as an inviting prospect.  Yesterday I seriously thought about jumping in to cool off ….. Eeeeuuuwww! Disgusting thought really.



It made me want to be back here, in Paris, because right now it would be fairly cold over there!

I took this photo in 2009 from a cafe which was very close to this Church (St Gervais?).  The cafe is on (I’m fairly sure) Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe.  This view is from the back courtyard – well its more like a cobblestone thoroughfare – which faces the Church.

The Church has about 3 shops facing Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, very near the stationery shops … all of which, if you go to Paris, you must visit.



This shop,, stocks the most beautiful notebooks and photo albums.  When I was there I was told that they ship to international destinations …. I try hard not to remember that fact or else I could go seriously crazy doing some on-line shopping!

Last time I was in Paris there were about 3 shops run by the Community of Jerusalem or Jerusalem Community (see  The Church has sung services that are hard to describe.  They are peaceful and moving and a whole lot more besides.  Probably best you book a ticket to Paris and go and see for yourself.

The shops are also worth a visit.  In addition to various religious items (for want of a better term – think medals, icons, rosary beads etc) they sell very delicious chocolates, tea towels and tablecloths, brightly coloured bags that are great for market shopping and some bowls and plates in a range of colours that are made in France.

Well that was more of an aside that I meant it to be …. maybe I had better try and work some travel into this years budget!!!


The day finished with this …. My upstairs neighbour went to the Prahran Market yesterday and bought me some Yarra Ranges IPM strawberries.  The I P M has something to do with growing without pesticides.

I love the packaging because the berries were far less “mushed up” than they usually are when they are all packed on top of one another.  Taste was top notch!


I am seriously contemplating making this the year without Resolutions – one week in and I still haven’t come up with any.  There have been some contenders … Year of Balance, Year of Joy, Year of Peace, Year of Eating a Lot of Cake (I really like that one!), ….. but nothing has stuck yet.  It may shortly turn into the Year of “Winging It” but there was a fair bit of that last year so I’m still thinking that I should Come Up with A Plan!

Stay tuned …






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2 Responses to Anne – 8 January 2011 – 1 week into the new year

  1. Caitlin Reynolds says:

    That dinner is the PERFECT dinner! Oh and I am voting for the year of eating cake – but then again, I would wouldn’t I?!

    • It was the perfect dinner Caitie, a lovely pinot gris, choc and luscious strawberries all eaten sitting on the back step when the cool change had come and it was nice outside again! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Anne xx

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