Anne – Out with the old, In with the new … Welcome 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2011 is a year filled with happy times and enough for everyone.  By enough I mean enough hope, peace, travel, fun times, books, cups of tea, music, dancing, time sitting on the beach, opportunities, gentleness, time playing with the children in your life, catch ups with friends, cake, high heels with red soles (, healthy breakfasts, flowers, more than enough love, …. go ahead, add your own desires to the list!!!

Summer Berries


1 January kicked off on the right note with a healthy breakfast made for me by my sister.  Carman’s Muesli, tons of summer berries and some vanilla yoghurt – Goodness in a bowl.


More Berries



Breakfast today, 2nd of January, included more berries, raspberries this time, added to porridge with some soft brown sugar sprinkled on top.   Eaten on the back step in the sun … pure bliss.  I definitely want 2011 to include lots more of those moments of contentment.



Before I went out on NYE, I was sitting at home eating chocolate with a glass of wine, re-reading my “2010” plan and about the third bullet point on the page was “eliminate sugar and alcohol”.  I think I might have failed on that resolution!!!

I still haven’t come up with my 2011 plan / list of resolutions.  The 2010 list of RESOLUTIONS was almost an A4 page long and I have to confess a fair amount of them never saw the light of day …. So it may be time to try something different!  Having cruised around some other blogs I like, I’m wondering if I could copycat what some others are doing and just pick one word?

The only problem being that I can predict that it might take me half the year to settle on that one word!

The 2010 list has reinforced that life doesn’t always follow the path that you think it will.  That no matter how much you think you’re steering your own ship sometimes the Universe puts a hand on the rudder and swings you off course.

Maybe I should include embrace flexibility and adaptability on my 2011 list … just in case this year veers to the left or right instead of following the path I put it on.

I’m planning on coming up with a list or some sort of plan for the year over the course of this week.  I like how the first week of January always seems filled to the brim with hope and possibility.  It feels like a clean slate and as though, no matter how hard the year before was, anything can be achieved.

So here’s to achievement …. I’ll drink to that with a chocolate!

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