Anne – Christmas 2010 Review

Christmas Tree


We ate lots, we drank moderately :-), we opened presents ….. and then just like that it was all over for another year.

As you can see from the picture we have some seriously talented gift-wrappers in my family … Luckily my presents are hidden from view because my wrapping wasn’t up to this standard!






I was having so much fun on Christmas Day that I completely forgot to take any photographs until lunch was almost over.

So unfortunately you won’t get to see the prawn entree which was utterly fabulous.

But you do get to see the platters of turkey (from




Yummy Piggy Wiggy ... aka Ham


and ham (I think from the Queen Victoria Market,

showing what was left once we’d all made our raid & filled our plates with meat!






Plate was ready for 2nd's, Tummy was not!


I know it doesn’t look like it but vegetables were served.

I think I temporarily forgot my blog and the fact that my camera was close to hand!

Berry Tiramisu




Dessert was Tiramisu with a twist.  Instead of coffee and alcohol I made a mixed berry syrup to soak the sponge fingers in and then layered sponge fingers, the usual mascarpone mix with some lemon zest added to it and strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and finished with a layer of cream topped with blueberries.




The whole bowl (the big bowl in the photo above … not just this little bowl) was eaten so I think I can claim success with the dessert 🙂




Right now I’m enjoying the lull between Christmas and New Year.  Since today is meant to be 29 degrees and its fairly windy (at least it is in my part of town) I’ve washed my doona and a couple of blankets and I’m calling that Spring Cleaning!

I’m seriously hoping that the fairies take care of the rest – like the big pile of articles containing “useful information” that I’ve been collecting all year but haven’t done anything with…… Does anyone else do that – pull out recipes and articles and then have them just sit there in a big pile?

Maybe that should be a 2011 resolution – no more clippings unless I work out a system for them!

Maybe that can be my task for the afternoon – write my plan for 2011!  2010 has been a pretty fluid, topsy turvy, upside down kind of year so maybe if I write a plan for 2011 it’ll all stay on track and the year will go exactly the way I want it to!

Yep, I don’t believe that for one minute either!

Have you all written your 2011 resolutions or plan?  Let me know if you have any staggeringly good ideas that I should jump on board with.

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