Anne – Strawberries, straight from the Garden

Strawberries - Straight from the Garden

I picked these straight from the pot this morning.  I’m so happy that my strawberries have started to ripen.  The variety is “Nellie Kelly” – just in case you want to grow some too and they were pretty yummy!

But, the Possums seem to like strawberries too … In the second pot of strawberries I found the Possums had left me a little present … Use your imagination 😦  Anyone have a natural deterrent for Possums?  I’m looking upon them about as kindly as I did the Spider that I found lurking inside my home when I opened the front door last night …. at this point imagine a piercing scream which only stopped when I realised the little sod was trying to abscond and I’d better shut up and catch it – NOT COOL!

Another note to the animal kingdom … I did not invite you to my party!!!  Stay outside!!!

Well, there are exceptions I mean if you were a Horse that runs very fast in Races at Flemington or Ascot or Dubai or at the Curragh in Co. Kildare, Ireland, a Polar Bear, a Bengal Tiger, an Orangutan, an Elephant or a Spoodle I would have invited you in and maybe even given you a cup of tea.

Although not using the “good” china ….

Summertime in Melbourne

I took this shot from about the 17th floor of a building in the CBD …. Not looking very “Summery” today Melbourne!

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