Fiona – Saturday morning recipe for happiness: a teapot and tea cosy

My teapot and tea cosy

My teapot and tea cosy - (sponsored by Rachael)

I like to drink tea. Real tea. Tea made in a pot with tea leaves. Tea that takes time to make and to drink. Tea you can share.
Which is why I always try to have a decent pot at my main ports: home and work – and whenever away on holidays. My current favourite is the excellent teapot pictured. I found it earlier this year in a secondhand shop in Healesville. Unfortunately  I can’t use it this morning: I took it to work so that I could avoid the awful teabags and it has been gainfully employed there ever since. It gives me great satisfaction to make a pot each day, at around 11 am and offer some to anyone who cares to share. Observing my ritual, a work colleague, Rachael, lent me the glorious cosy pictured. Rachael understands the importance of both the tradition and practicalities involved in producing a hot cup of tea.  She has been sponsoring me with items, such as a cork tray, a floral cup and saucer and even, on one occasion, a crocheted and beaded milk cover for the jug I borrowed from the staffroom. Teapots – and people like Rachael- make the world a better place.

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