Anne – Saturday 11 December 2010 – A time for quiet reflection

Tree Canopy

One of my favourite trees

Seat near my favourite tree

This Saturday morning it was time for some peace and quiet.  This week was busy.  I met a friend’s new son for the first time … he’s a very sweet little soul and it was wonderful to spend a morning with him and his mamma and his two sisters.  My godson was also there to meet the new baby and its always a pleasure to see the Godson.

But a very dear friend had a very tough week and it was hard to work out how best to help and support her through a crisis.  At the end of the week I was left wondering how you really go about helping someone whose world is falling apart.  It’s hard to know if you’re helping or hindering, if you should offer your opinion or just listen, if you should try and help to find solutions to problems or if you should leave people to find their own path.

It has made me wonder:  Can a person really be of assistance to another or do we all need to find our own way through the fog so that we really “own” the decisions we make and embrace the path we choose?

I’m wondering if you are really offering the hand of friendship when you offer “advice”.  Should you ever offer advice, even if a friend asks for it?  Because they’re just as likely to make a different decision, take a different path and perhaps you end up with some conflict and discord if they don’t agree with your advice.

At weeks end, I still have more questions than answers and I haven’t really managed to turn my mind and my central nervous system onto low gear so that they can both get some rest!

The week has been filled with appointments and I’ve been in lots of different places with lots of competing demands.  So this Saturday morning I made some coffee and sat on the back step to have my breakfast (it was a mince pie: just in case you’re wondering about the food element).  It was about two sips into my cup of coffee that I noticed that some PEST had decided to eat the Petunia seedlings and I don’t just mean a little nibble on some leaves.  I’m talking seedlings that were maybe 4 weeks old that are now pretty much just single green stalks.

Whats the strength of that?  I mean really … What?

Note to the bug world I object to providing you with food unless you’re a caterpillar that will turn into a beautiful butterfly or a silk worm.  If you’re either of those two then you can snack on my plants.  But frankly if you’re some other pedestrian sort of slug you can B… off & eat elsewhere!  My greenery is not your cafe.

The serenity of the back step having been destroyed for the morning I took myself off for a little jaunt to visit one of my favourite trees – as shown in the photos above (which photos, in case you’re wondering, were taken about two weeks ago not today).  This particular tree abuts a main road but it has a seat very near the tree so that you can sit and ponder and contemplate.  I love the massive canopy.  I do not love the accompanying roar of traffic.

This afternoon brings a baby shower for a very dear and close friend who is expecting her first child.  I’m expecting champagne and cake and to see lots of lovely ladies at this shower who will all be excited about this little one who is scheduled to make an appearance early next year.

Christmas Ornament

I still haven’t fully decorated for Christmas.  However this little critter has now made its way out of the tissue paper and is hanging from the mantel piece.  He’s been joined by a few buddies but there are more to come.  I haven’t draped tinsel around anything yet and I need to remedy that situation pronto!

The Sisters Market ( is on next Saturday at the Brunswick Town Hall (233 Sydney Rd, Brunswick which is right on the corner of Sydney Rd & Dawson St).  The market opens at 10 am and closes at 4pm.

So you can be prepared I thought I’d let you know that, in conjunction with the Salvation Army, the Sisters Market are calling for those who can, to bring an unwrapped gift for a child for Christmas.  So if its within your means, please bring along a gift.

I’m thinking about a pair of PJ’s from Bedtime Bugs ( who are at 198 High Street, Ashburton.  I always find it hard when I’m picking presents to give to the Salvos, Smith Family etc at this time of year.  Part of me thinks I should buy something practical because I feel that there are so many things that those in fiscally challenged families don’t have but then every child needs some books and toys!

Bedtime bugs is run by two fabulous ladies who make the PJ’s and nighties that they sell on the premises.  They make for children and adults and they do custom orders.  If you’re down Ashburton way and in need of a nightie of some pj’s I recommend paying them a visit.

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