Anne – 4 December 2010 – A day at the fair, shopping and courage

Swedish Church

The Swedish Church was bathed in sunlight for the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar. Driving along St Georges Rd, Toorak, was like being on the Nepean Highway in peak hour … but the Parking Fairy found me a parking spot about 5 metres from the Swedish Church.  Thanks Parking Fairy!

Duck Duck

I made a new friend …. This Duck was having the time of its life running around the petting zoo.

A little chick with no fear

If you look at the bottom of this photo you’ll see a little chick.  This little chick kept running in and out and around about the calf.  It had no fear at all that the calf would step on it.  I kept thinking that the calf would step on it!

It made me think about courage.  This little chick had courage – it was not daunted at all by an animal so much bigger than itself.  It made me wonder if courage is innate – if some people just have the strength within them to face their fears and challenges or if you can learn or acquire it?

Christmas Decorations at Magnolia Square Market, St Kilda Town Hall

Then I moved on to the Magnolia Square Market which was held at the St Kilda Town Hall this month.  I loved this collection of Christmas Trees which greeted all market-goers in the entrance of the Town Hall.

I met Jo from Paper Couture.  Jo makes fabulous garlands and decorations and stationery.  You can find her here –   This blog has the address of her shop so if you’re in Sydney I recommend heading down there to shop.

I also saw Michelle from Crayon Chick who I met at the last Magnolia Square Market in Malvern.  Michelle makes the most beautiful crocheted garlands and necklaces, magnets, pencil cases … she makes many lovely things.

Michelle can be found here –

I bought things from both these ladies but some are destined to be presents so I’m not putting up pictures of my purchases.  I would be a very happy camper if someone gave me gifts from Jo or Michelle for Christmas … Just saying 🙂

There were many many people in attendance at both of these markets and alot of shopping was taking place.

Shopping makes me wonder about space.  I wonder about where everything fits in the world.  If you think about it 5 or 6 days a week probably 52 weeks a year there are factories pumping out all sorts of products and then, all over the world, people are buying those products.  So are our homes all just getting fuller of stuff or are we all throwing things out to make way for the new?  Are we recycling or is it all going into landfill.

I don’t have answers for any of those questions but I often wonder about them.

On a completely different note 5 out of 6 basil seedlings survived last weekends deluge … my little basil’s are now about 3 – 4 centimetres tall.  I’m pretty happy about that.

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4 Responses to Anne – 4 December 2010 – A day at the fair, shopping and courage

  1. Fred says:

    Landfill I fear is the answer. I sometimes think that a wonderful Christmas gift would be for someone to descend on my heaps of belongings and remind me how much of the stuff I really do not need. I must also mention that I do so love the pretty things. I go to work for so much of my week, it’s nice to hand over some hard earned for a little piece of pretty. Perhaps though I’ll let go of the fear and seek to recycle some of my pretty things from the past…

    • It probably is landfill but that is really scary. Maybe we should take some of our own things away and then “re-discover” them months down the track and they would feel new again. No easy answer is there!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello Anne, thanks for such a lovely post-market review of my work! It’s always joyful when I meet people who respond the same way I do about gorgeous things. Enjoy your gift-giving and I hope to see you at another market some time. Michelle, aka Crayon Chick

    • Hi Michelle, Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you at another market soon …. They’re hard to stay away from. I hope sisters market goes well next week. Regards Anne

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