Anne – 1 December 2010 – Christmas & traditions & markets & fairs

Santa Claus aka the jolly fat man

1 December …. Yay, time to decorate!

This is a picture from last year … I found this little fella when I was on holiday in New York and he fitted in nicely “Down Under”.  Today, in preparation for decorating, I pulled out the big tub full of decorations and the box with the little fake Christmas Trees that lives in the linen press.

I love opening up my tub of ornaments and decorations.  They’re all wrapped in tissue paper and carefully arranged in the big tub with things like the hand blown glass balls sitting on the top so that there’s no danger that they’ll be broken.  I love seeing my decorations again – hello old friends, thanks for brightening up the house with your glitz and glamour.

Today, I’ve hung a little wooden Angel on the inside front door nob and the Christmas Wreath is on the outside of the front door.  I added another little wooden Angel to the group of Angels that lives on the mantelpiece.  Originally the Angels only came out for Christmas but nowadays they stay out all year round.

I thought I’d pop into this space midweek to let you all know that the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar, which will be held at the Swedish Church (21 St Georges Rd, Toorak), is on this weekend.  For more information on the Scandinavian Bazaar go to

Magnolia Square market is also on this week, starting on Thursday with a night market and then during the daytime Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The market is at the St Kilda Town Hall.  For more information go to

I love fairs and bazaars and finding presents for people that are made by artisans rather than mass produced.  So with Christmas coming its great that this weekend we’ve got two options to do some local / handmade / artisan shopping.

I love the Christmas festival.  By love I mean I really really really love it …. I love getting together with people, baking shortbread and Christmas cake, taking time to think about what people would like to receive as a gift and then trying to find it, eating mince pies, I love stumbling across something and it being the perfect gift for a friend or family member, making the house look festive, seeing lots of presents that are bought and put under the tree at Target and Kmart and other stores where they have a place for you to put a gift for those in need, putting little Santa gnomes in amongst the plants in the garden, tinsel, my friend Molly’s peppermint chocolate log that she makes at this time of year, Christmas carols, picking my little brother (well big little bro nowadays) up every Christmas morning to go to Christmas lunch together, writing Christmas cards, the hustle and bustle of the Queen Vic, Prahran or South Melbourne market on the last shopping day before they close for Christmas….. so many things.

I like the traditions that we build.  When we were little we would go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and then have shortbread and mince pies afterwards – approximately 1 am on Christmas Day stills feels like the perfect time to munch on a mince pie or a piece of shortbread.

I don’t know why I love this festival more than the others.  I do know that I wish we could all slow down in December.  Every year it feels as though we all rush through December helter skelter, all pushing through – trying to get work done and presents bought and wrapped and doing it all in a hurry and getting somewhat stressed – until we reach the magical day and then its just one day that disappears really quickly.  Because it is one day I like to make Christmas a December and January long event.  I’m quite likely to put my decorations up any time from 1 December onwards and not take them down until mid to late January.

This December I’m feeling lucky as this year I have the gift of time.  I can do things at a more leisurely pace and I can spend more time with people.

I hope everyone out there can find time to savour Christmas this year and really enjoy it.

I’ll let you know how my December is going as we go along.  I hope you can all take some time to enjoy the lead up to Christmas with me.

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