Anne – 27 November 2010 – Legacy

Its been a wet and windy day in Melbourne.  I don’t own any gumboots but given the amount of rain we’ve been having recently I’m beginning to wonder if I need to buy a pair for what appears to be our new “rainy season”.  Only of course I’d call them galoshes because I just love the sound of that word … galoshes, galoshes, galoshes.  It just rolls off the tongue a little better than gumboots.

I’m also wondering if my new little basil seedlings, grown from seed, just put outside to ‘harden’ after starting life on the window sill, are going to survive this deluge?

Today I spent some time playing with Fiona and indulging vicariously in my passion for fabric …. Fiona will post about the fabric buying expedition so I won’t say any more about that, except to say that we had fun.

At the fabric store










We also paid a visit to the National Gallery Shop at Federation Square – they had some gorgeous felt Christmas Tree ornaments.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a veritable plethora of Christmas-alia already I would have indulged.  But if you need, want, or just hanker after some more ornaments for your tree then I recommend stepping down there smartish whilst they still have stock.

Its election day and I’m listening to the ABC commentary and they are saying that there has been a historically low voter turnout today.

Which made me think about legacy.  No matter what your political persuasion is or if you have no interest in politics at all, I think its important to exercise your right to vote … to try and ensure that we vote into power the best possible people who will hopefully make our State the best possible place it can be.

I hope that whoever governs us next takes steps to build infrastructure – both physical and social – that lasts.  That they take steps to govern this State in such a way that an excellent quality of life is achievable for all who live here.

It saddens me to think that people didn’t turn out to vote.  It reminds me of the suffragettes and what they did for women to ensure that our voice is heard.  It reminds me of those places in the world where men and women aren’t heard and cannot freely choose those who govern them.

It’s a reminder to think about my actions and the fact that the things we do today can have a lasting impact upon the world.

Below are some images of things I passed on my way to vote today.  There is such beauty in these old buildings and I’m thankful to whoever designed and built them so many years ago, so that I can walk past them today and stop and appreciate them.

Groovy little bluestone cottage








Flinders Lane, Melbourne


Christ Church










Property Developers in Melbourne please think about that – Please think about what you’re leaving behind you and whether or not what you build is adding to the fabric of our city.

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